Why Choose Presentation?

Presentation of Mary School is a special place where students are loved, encouraged, and supported on a daily basis by every member of the staff. The children that attend Presentation of Mary make lifelong friends, realize great potential in themselves, and leave our building not only ready for high school, but ready to make their communities and the world around them a better place. They are challenged to be the best versions of themselves academically and morally. Students leave our building knowing full well the importance of treating anyone that crosses their path with kindness and compassion. Our alumni frequently go on to a variety of successes and we often hear back from them about the great impact Presentation of Mary had on their most formative years.

What do others have to say?

“Presentation of Mary graduates are thoughtful, confident, and well prepared leaders. They are students who have a strong faith in God and a commitment to serving others. It is clear that Presentation of Mary graduates have developed strong study skills, which serve them well in our rigorous academic environment. As a result of the numerous opportunities Presentation of Mary provides its students, they have built solid leadership qualities through their commitment to school and church.”

-Executive Director of Advancement, Hill-Murray High School

“I have been a teacher for 17 years and . . . I have seen a lot of students in my career. Usually, I don’t think twice about where my students went to middle school. Generally, my students are kind and eager to learn, but every once in a while I get a student who stands out from his or her peers. That’s when I begin to wonder more about where these students have come from. Very often (almost always) these uniquely gifted students come from Presentation of Mary.

The difference a Presentation of Mary education makes upon a student is evident from the very start. Students that I have taught who are Presentation of Mary graduates are overwhelmingly more prepared for high school than their publicly educated peers. These students have all of the academic skills that a teacher values. They are organized, responsible, attentive, hard-working young people. They have a curiosity about the world and the ability to think critically about the subject matter. They know how to put their heads down and get to work and they know how to respectfully engage in classroom discussion or during peer-to-peer work. And their grades almost always demonstrate this scholastic grit.

Beyond the gifts that I have observed in the classroom, Presentation of Mary graduates show incredible character development. Students who come to North from Presentation of Mary are kind, thoughtful, and observant. Presentation of Mary graduates are the first to reach out to a student who looks lonely or left out, they are the first students to volunteer to show someone new around, they are the first students to greet me and ask me how my weekend was. Their character and Catholic based education comes through in class discussion when they show compassion for characters in novels that we are reading, kindness towards classmates who present a different worldview than them, and acceptance of all others regardless of background.

Presentation of Mary students are leaders at North. They know how to enhance this community because they have been a part of a community for so long. They understand that their actions have consequences and that their behavior makes ripples. They work for the improvement of their community and understand the investment of time and how that can change a place. I am certain all this can be attributed to the foundation that they received at Presentation of Mary.

I believe in Presentation of Mary so much that, when it came time for my husband (also a public school teacher) and I to enroll our first son in Kindergarten, we chose Presentation of Mary. It is a choice we have never second guessed. If my son grows up to embody the character, the academic skills, and the deep Catholic faith that the Presentation of Mary grads I have taught at North have demonstrated, I know it will all be because of the special little school built on a hill in Maplewood.”

-Kindra Molin, MAT, MFA, English Teacher, North High School

“We were introduced to Presentation of Mary School almost 14 years ago, when our oldest son started preschool. He is graduating high school this year, my middle son is a freshman, and my youngest is still lucky enough to be at Presentation of Mary as a 6th grader! All three of my boys are very different, in personality and learning style, and Presentation of Mary has met each of their needs academically and personally. The teachers implemented techniques that have allowed each of them to learn at their fullest potential. Equally as important, all of the staff at Presentation of Mary have encouraged, demonstrated, and taught things such as morals, kindness, empathy, discipline, and self-confidence. They have shown love and care, and have impacted my kids, and our whole family, in ways that we did not expect.

I cannot express enough the value of a K-8 education and how much it has prepared them for all that high school has to bring. We could not be more grateful that we chose to be part of the Presentation of Mary School family all those years ago!”

-Parent of Presentation of Mary students
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