Raise Your Hand!

There is great meaning in connecting our past with our future. Many may not be aware that in 1978 our school received a Christmas card from the newly elected Pope John Paul II, now a saint! He wrote in that card a prayer of blessing for us in his native Polish language that reads, “Raise your hand, Baby Jesus, and bless Presentation School.”

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We have been blessed with patrons who have faith in the future of our school and a belief in you, the greater community of our school and parish. They have presented our community with a $75,000 matching gift challenge which will ensure continuing opportunities for our students, families, and teachers.

Saint Pope John Paul II raised his hand to bless our school and asked Baby Jesus to as well. Today, we ask you to Raise Your Hand and help us meet this challenge by contributing to our school and parish’s mission. Continuing our tradition of excellence, here are just a few of our school’s highlights:

  • “Lightbulb Lab” (Innovation Center) – Where students can implement the Design Thinking method. This in-class experience provides students to take real-life issues and create solutions that prepare them for the future. We will expand student hands-on learning with a new robotics program in the near future.
  • Science and Mathematics Enhancements – Destination Mars and Amplify Science are research-based experiential programs.
  • Peace of Mind Program – A Social Emotional Learning Program that is a research-based mental health and wellness initiative in partnership with the Catholic School Center of Excellence (CSCOE) and Phoenix School of Counseling.
  • New Playground – The newest addition to our campus enhances the physical and emotional development of a child, which is integral to a student’s growth and that of our student body.

Will you Raise Your Hand and join your community in supporting our students today and tomorrow?

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