Nichole Lewis


Middle School Science/K-8 Innovation Teacher

My Favorite Saint: I am currently enjoying learning about numerous saints, and can’t pick a favorite!

My Favorite Outside of Work Activity: I love watching sports (go Vikings!), being outside, sitting by a bonfire, and playing with and watching my “little people” (my kids) grow!

My Favorite Children’s Book: I love Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. As a child I connected things through poetry so his work has always held special meaning for me.

My Favorite Place to Visit: My hometown is Quad Cities in IL, so that is always my favorite place to visit.

Education: My courses and training have completed through ProSolutions.

My Teaching Philosophy: Every child learns differently. It is my role as their teacher to find the best route to reach each one at their level to help them learn in the best possible way.

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