Pam Herbert

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K-8 Music Teacher


My Favorite Saint: My favorite Saint is Mary. As a mother, I recognize what true love is. To me, Mary is the perfect example of that love.

My Favorite Outside of Work Activity: Outside of work, I love to spend as much time with my son as possible. I also love to craft by taking old things and make them new again

My Favorite Children’s Book: It is difficult to choose one book, but I’d probably say that my favorite children’s book is Goodnight Moon because it brings back some very special memories with my son. As a toddler, he loved that book and it was a special time for us at night before he went to bed.

My Favorite Place to Visit: Italy was my favorite place to visit, so far. Amazing history, unbelievable food and great people!

Education: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Music from North Park University in Chicago with an emphasis on Voice/Vocal Pedagogy. I also have a Certificate in Music Wellness and Therapy from Berklee College of Music.

My Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is simple: every student, young or old, has their own learning style. My role is to discover that style, honor it and work with it to make every student find their confidence and success!

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