This year we are starting a new lunch program – our hot lunches will be catered by CKC Catering.

Each student will receive a monthly menu which will need to be completed and promptly turned in.

On the menu, go through the entire month and circle the days that your child wants hot lunch. Then send/email the completed menu back to the school office. It is a good idea to write your child’s name on the menu and take a picture of it so you have reference of what days they will be getting hot lunch and what days they will need a cold lunch.

The October menu needs to be back to the school office no later than Oct 8th.

Because our lunches will need to be ordered in advance, daily ordering will NOT be accepted. In order for your child to have hot lunch the completed menu MUST be turned in by the requested date each month.

Due to COVID, MDE is again waiving the fees for us for one lunch per student per day. Any additional lunches will be charged to your Educate account. You will also need to pay for all milk your child takes. You can add money to your Educate account for that (not TADS).

Free and reduced lunch prices are available for those who qualify. Free & Reduced lunch application is available HERE.


If you have any questions about our lunch program, contact the school office at or 651-777-5877.


Hot Lunch (K-8) $3.60
Milk $.40