Susan Underwood

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Title One Teacher

My Favorite Saint: I have two! St. Anthony-when sweet Sister Kathy Beas here, she would come in my room when she would lose her keys or various things, and she would pray to St. Anthony to help find them and she’d find them!! I also love St. Mother Teresa for her dedication to the poorest of the poor; Sister Kathy had her same dedication to help those in need! We as a school did many things to help the poor coordinated by Sister Kathy! She was such a shining light for Jesus!

My Favorite Outside of Work Activity: I love to ride bikes-my electric one! I love spending time with our 4 grandkids doing anything and just having fun!!

My Favorite Children’s Book: The Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Parks! Junie B was so funny, said things in a funny way, and we had lots of giggles reading many of her books to my students when I taught first grade!

My Favorite Place to Visit: Florida! We have lots of sweet family memories in Florida. I even taught school one year down there! (In the 70’s!)

Education: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education/Hearing Impaired from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

My Teaching Philosophy: I believe that a classroom should be a safe place to learn where students can grow and meet their full potential, share their ideas, take risks, and have lots of fun! All kids are unique and need a place to grow socially, mentally, physically, and in their faith. I want to encourage the kids to express themselves and embrace their differences! I incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative projects, and individual work to activate students learning.

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